Race Schedule Updates

Change is on the horizon...

With our racing only a month away now (giddy giggles of excitement), the MVA wanted to make sure everyone is kept in the know regarding our race night plans.  Some changes have been implemented since the end of last season.  Most importantly, you'll want to pay attention to know which night of the week to show up for! 

How much will racing cost me again?

Each night is a bit different, so the fees can be a bit confusing.  Let's refresh your memory!  If you have anymore questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre-Season: May 2nd-23rd

Pre-season is right around the corner!  Starting on May 2nd, every Friday night will host every category of racer, except for Cat 5 and Beginning Women (more on that in a sec).  That means there's a spot for:

  • Cat 1/2 Men
  • Cat 1/2/3 Women
  • Cat 3 Men
  • Cat 4 Men
  • Cat 4 Women with race experience

Thursday Nights: Starts May 8th

Thursday Nights are designed for the beginners to get out and learn the basics of riding in groups on the track.  Thursday nights host:

  • Cat 5 Men
  • Cat 4 Women without race experience

Friday Night Racing: Starts May 30th

Friday Nights are the feature race night of the race schedule.  Juniors will race once per month (down from twice a month last year).  Friday nights regularly host:

  • Cat 1/2 Men
  • Cat 3 Men
  • Cat 1/2/3 Women
  • Once a month: Jeremy Story Memorial Series - Advanced Juniors

Monday Night Racing: Starts June 2nd

Monday Nights are designed to prepare riders for the Friday Night Racing as well as to provide younger riders with a place to ride.  Monday nights host:

  • Cat 4 Men
  • Juniors (A/B/C)
  • Sprint Mania

Wednesday Night Racing: Starts June 4th

Wednesday Nights provide another night for developing racers while also providing Masters only racing.  Wednesday nights host:

  • Masters A (35+, Cat 1/2/3)
  • Masters B (35+, Cat 4, 50+ Cat 1/2/3)
  • Cat 4 Women

Want to know what's going on during each race night?  Race schedules should be up next week, so keep checking back.  They will be posted in our forums and you can find the links on the individual race pages (linked above) when they are up.

We look forward to seeing everyone out at the track!