January Meeting Minutes

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January Meeting Minutes

MVA Meeting Minutes – January 14th, 2013

-          Made mention of the upcoming race committee meeting on January 18th

o   Soliciting feedback on the past seasons’ racing, as well as new ideas for the coming season


-          Guy Tucker was elected as President of the Marymoor Velodrome Association by unanimous decision


-          Matt Herz was elected as Vice-President of the Marymoor Velodrome Association by unanimous decision


-          Kristian Miller was elected as Secretary of the Marymoor Velodrome Association by unanimous decision


-          The boards duties were outlined so as to follow the formula of last year

o   A three committee system is to be used. Committees will focus on finance, race planning, and development, respectively.


-          Finance committee responsibilities will be the focus of Lane DeCamp, Kristian, and Amy Jors


-          Development committee responsibilities will be the focus of Annette Williams and Amara Edwards


-          Race committee responsibilities will be the focus of Matt Herz and Josh Simpon

o   The committee will focus on race day operations and scheduling, as well as larger events (Masters Nationals, Marymoor Grand Prix, etc)


-          Responsibilities for the larger racing events were discussed, but no concrete plans were made.


-          The possibility of splitting the sponsorship development and rider development roles of the Development Committee was discussed, with no resolution being arrived at.

o   Classes may potentially fall under the purview of the race committee


-          Google Docs will now be the general repository of meeting notes and other documents.


-          A volunteer coordinator will be needed for the coming season. The Development Committee will especially benefit from this resource early on in the season.


-          The structure of the Adult Classes & Clinics was discussed.


o   Clinics may be moved to weekends so as to better meet demand

§  The potential conflict with rider training time was raised, and will be addressed in future.

o   The possibility of dedicated beginner track time was also discussed.

o   There will be 12-13 adult classes in the coming season, Amara has gone about scheduling these while adding rain-dates for flexibility.


-          Thursday races will be moving from competitive to non-competitive events so as to retain insurance while reducing costs.

o   This will not have any effect on the upgrade trajectory of Cat 5’s as it currently stands.


Roller Race Series

-           Groundwork has been laid by Amara and Christina, hoping to lay more of a foundation for year-round track community

-          Series will involve three races in February/March/April

o   There will be an additional, stand-alone, Women in Cycling event

-          Potential thoughts around a team prize were discussed


-          An auction is still up in the air, it will be decided upon at the next Finance Committee meeting

-          Amy will be forwarding along balance sheets for committee members review

-          The committee will also set fundraising goals for replacing the MVA rental fleet

-          Amy will also be moving ahead with a budget, and a record of professional conduct drafting.