Fall 2018 Important Parking Information

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For All Velodrome Users

Beginning September 7th and ending November 4th, Cirque du Soleil will once again have performances at similar times to when the track will be operating. To facilitate parking staff as well as our users, King County Parks has created a solution that avoids conflict with Cirque du Soleil while also helping our users avoid the expensive $20 parking fee charged for Circus-goers.

Here are the simple steps you need to do

  1. Print one of the Velodrome User Parking Pass and place prominently on your dash (only a single half-sheet is required)
  2. Pay the usual $1 parking pass fee at any of the yellow kiosks
  3. Park in the designated area only, as shown in the image below (alternatively downloadable in pdf format)

Here are the things you shouldn’t do

  • Park in the large parking lot west of the velodrome
  • Park in the grass inside of the velodrome fencing
  • Make demands of parking staff regarding parking accommodations or privileges

Performance Schedule

Automotive traffic before, during, and immediately after performances will be extremely elevated. As such, we recommend you try to avoid these times. Here is a basic schedule of performances for your reference:

  • Mon – OFF
  • Tues – 8pm
  • Wed – 8pm
  • Thurs – 8pm
  • Fri – 4pm, 8pm
  • Sat – 4pm, 8pm
  • Sun – 1pm, 5pm

Thank you for your flexibility in regards to this conflict. As always, we appreciate our fantastic partners, King County Parks, for helping us put on great race programs this year!



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