Racer Registration ONLINE!

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Online Registration is Open!

With the recently announced plans to return to racing comes a few big changes at the track to ensure the safety of spectators and racers.

One of the biggest changes is adopting a race registration system entirely online. Starting today, racers will register for an account, purchase membership (or season passes!), and register for all race events by visiting Velodrome.org!

Think you can figure out the rest? Start with making a new account, then head to the Race Reg Portal and go to town!

Previous user accounts have been wiped from the server to ensure compatibility with some of the new functionality

Racer Reg – A Quick Tour

Creating an Account

If you’re not a racer, nothing in the JBMV Settings area is needed. For racers, please fill out as much information as you can! If you don’t currently have a USAC License, you should enter your full name in it’s place. Some information will be used to fill out racer details when you register, other fields might be fun for the announcer. Either way, it helps us serve our community better.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and get all the info in there!

Purchasing a Membership (or Season Pass)

Before you register for any races, you should pick up your membership! Your race registration will receive an automatic $10 discount, and you would be helping support the Marymoor Velodrome Association.

Want to save even more? Instead of picking up just your membership, grab your season pass + membership and have all of 2021 racing at your fingertips – literally! Season passes cover all pre and regular season Friday Night, Wednesday Night, Monday Night, and Sunday racing. And hey, it also applies to the Kick-off this year!

Race Reg Portal

This is the hub for all active registrations. We’re starting with just the month of May, but more racing will open up as we go through the season.

There are are also reminders at the top, including for downloading and completing your race waivers.

Don’t want to miss  the Racing Navigation menu now on every race reg page! (at bottom of page on mobile)

Start Lists and My Registered Races

Here you can check start lists for race nights and also see what races you have submitted registration for.

Don’t want to miss  the Racing Navigation menu now on every race reg page! (at bottom of page on mobile)

Racer Central Updated

This page has been updated to be a bit more of a one-stop-shop for racers first getting setup. It goes through the many steps needed to be ready to race at the track.

If racers have suggestions for more content to add here, email webadm@velodrome.org.

A Note about Functionality and Errors

We have tried our best to make this experience flawless for you! That said, the functionality has been placed on top of a website that is already quite multipurpose and has been implemented by an untrained yet head strong individual. There is a good chance for some systems failures to crop up – just know we’ve got your back. We’ll set it straight and make it work!

If you see something that doesn’t work the way it should, if you have suggestions or, worst of all, the website doesn’t charge you the right amount for an item, be sure to reach out to webadm@velodrome.org.

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