Continuing for the 2019 season, motor pacing services will now be offered using the Velodrome's own e-bike! Please read the below information for more about how drivers and riders can take advantage of this opportunity. Any questions can be directed to

Want to utilize this service?

The easiest way is to purchase an Unlimited Pass! Purchase once online and register for unlimited e-pacing sessions in the 2019 season.

Purchase Unlimited Pass

Open sessions:

  • Scheduled times - Tuesday evening 8-10pm & Sunday afternoon 4-6pm
  • $10 fee for drop-in riders (please pre-reg here).
  • Unlimited pass available for $100. Purchase one online now!
  • Track technically isn’t closed to other riders, however the paying riders are the only ones that can use the bike. The e-bike also takes precedence during these times.


Impromptu Session:

  • Riders must hold an unlimited pass.
  • Drivers must be authorized to use the e-bike.
  • Need to communicate with the Program Director (pacing session will be offered at her discretion).
  • Limited riders on the track with excellent communication (not during popular open track times).



  • Good standing with JBMV, including annual membership.
  • All interested drivers must first attend and successfully complete a training session.
  • A waiver must be signed and returned.
  • All drivers must adhere to charging station expectations.



  • JBMV membership purchased for the current season.
  • Juniors pace for free!
  • Only track bikes during open sessions (if you schedule a private session you can use a road or TT bike. See the private track rental page for more information.)


Private Sessions: