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2013 Adult and youth class registration is now available.  

       As you hopefully all have seen, track class registration is now open. This is when you, the seasoned racer, tell everyone you know to take a track class.

       If you are not a racer currently, and are looking at taking a track class, do so! There are all sorts of reasons to start riding on the track. Want to race? Track class. Want to get better at riding a bike? Track class. Want to get faster? Track class. Want to get in better shape? Track class. Inspired by Jennie Reed? Track class. Like riding bikes in ovals? Track class.

       That’s right folks, look at all you can accomplish by taking a learn-to-ride class with us! You’ll spend the day  (classes are generally on Saturdays or Sundays and run for 4 hours) getting comfortable on a fixed gear bicycle, learning the rules of the track, doing lots of riding and skills-building, and learning about racing.

        Anyone can ride the track! Experience the joy of a fixed gear bike accelerating out of corner two. There’s nothing like it.

Classes start March 29th and run until the end of the summer.


If you know what date you want, click the button above and get started, if you are looking for more information navigate to the Adult Classes or Youth Classes informational pages.

If you have any questions feel free to contact for adult class info or for youth class info.

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