Here’s how to give back

There are 27 velodromes in the United States. We are fortunate to have one; not only in the aspect that there are so few, but also that our track is completely accessible to the public. Want to wake up at … Read More

Interested in Junior classes?

Do your children like to ride bikes? Is your cul-de-sac tattooed by skid-marks and the neighborhood hill a racetrack, both up and down? Do family bike rides turn into team time trials? If your child loves to ride bikes, sign … Read More

Roller Races Report!

Music? Check. A rockin stage? Check. Great brew and eats from our wonderful sponsors, Schooner Exact Tap Room? Double check.  All that was needed was the Marymoor Velodrome Association’s Roller Races rig and some lights to set the mood.  And … Read More

Catching Up With…

Conor Klupar! In a new feature for our website, “Catching Up With…” will sit down with some of Marymoor Velodrome’s elite racers- ones who have goals such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, and National Rankings. These interviews give you, … Read More

Bowling and Cycling? What?

Sheer focus, determination, elegance and power, these factors are ones that propel a competitive athlete forward- Pushing past their limits and striking through their goals, leaving a row of X marks across the challenges that they’ve conquered. Shiny shoes, cheering … Read More

2013 Season Kick-Off

The winter is hard on us all. Even if you are a snow sport lover, the rain pounding against your windows takes a toll on your motivation, especially for…training… It is understandable! Here it is, March, and track season is just a … Read More

Bike Expo

Located in Smith Cove Cruise Terminal this two story extravaganza of everything bike is nothing less than incredible. The event is two days long just in case it takes you that long to look at everything. There will be 250 … Read More

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