Welcome new racers!

Congratulations on deciding to take a track class, enjoying the track class, and deciding that you wanted to race. We understand people like you, and we want to do everything that we can to ensure that you have a successful, … Read More

PreSeason Wednesday Clinics

We have tremendous news for you! Let’s agree on something. Unless you are World Champion and win every race you ever enter, there is always something that you can improve on. Since we have few World Champions in the MVA … Read More

Pre-Season Reminders

It is finally here! After a long and dreary winter spent dreaming about laps on the velodrome, preseason racing is making its return. Eight long months have passed. That’s 32 weeks or around 224 days scheming about track racing. Planning … Read More

Get excited for preseason!

Thanks Motofish for this awesome video!  Please share with your family and friends to create the hype for preseason and regular season racing.

Catching up with…

This edition of “Catching up with…” travels south to Los Angeles to check in with Tela Crane. Tela has been a part of the Marymoor community for more than ten years and in 2011 committed to a life pursuing her … Read More

What is your favorite race?

Track racing is a genre of the sport that supports those who cannot make up their mind about what they like to do the best. There are many different styles and types of races: from long Points Races to short … Read More

2013 Race Fees

The MVA is introducing a new fee structure for the 2013 season. We are trying to make it easy on you, the racers, to support us, the velodrome. Your race fees make our racing possible and we believe that we … Read More

Two and a half weeks until RACING!

Racer #Z wakes up early. They step out of bed at 4:45AM and onto their Kreitler rollers. Pedal revolutions become hypnotic and soon, after two hours of 120 RPM, Racer #Z dismounts their bicycle. Fast pedaling will pay and Racer … Read More

Here’s how to give back

There are 27 velodromes in the United States. We are fortunate to have one; not only in the aspect that there are so few, but also that our track is completely accessible to the public. Want to wake up at … Read More

Looking to help with racing at the Velodrome?

Paid Opportunity: Race Night Managers We are looking for 4 enthusiastic individuals that want to spend one of their weeknights at the velodrome for the whole season.  You can apply for the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Night positions.  Each … Read More

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