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Race Night Results

Special Events
  • May 29th
  • June 5th
  • June 12th
  • June 19th – RAIN OUT
  • June 26th – RAIN OUT
  • July 3rd
  • July 10th – RAIN OUT
  • July 17th – RAIN OUT
  • July 24th
  • July 31st
  • August 7th
  • August 14th
  • August 21st
  • August 28th – FINALE
NEW: Using the JBMV livestream to review results can be done up to a week after the race. This will not change the nightly payout but can be used to change results that effect the overall nightly standings that would impact upgrade points or season points. The evidence needs to be clear, any photofinishes would defer to the officials camera as the livestream is not on the line. To challenge any calls communication needs to be made to Amara with what is in question, and where in the video (timestamp) it happens, she will then make the connection with the officiating crew that was working the night. Officials can choose to overturn their original call and make the changes, confirm their original call or determine that there is not enough evidence and let the call stand. To file a livestream protest riders will need to donate $20 to the development fund, if the call is overturned the money will be credited back to the rider, if the original call if confirmed or if there is not enough evidence the amount will be donated. NOTE: This is not a replacement for day-of protests, riders still need to check results at the velodrome and contact the officials to protest results.
Cat 1/2 Men
12Andrew CarlbergBroadmark110
21Kenny WilliamsCenter Cycles85
332John BowieLiquid Velo58
426Branden RussellFount Cycling Guild42
523David RichterFount Cycling Guild39
699Andy BakerBroadmark38
77Kristian MillerTen Speed Hero29
86David ChipchaseLiquid Velo27
921Steven WilssensVelobody/Gerks17
1036Brennan HodginsCorner 4 Racing16
Cat 3 Men
1311Ben RaknesJerry Baker Juniors113
2312Alex Siegel63
3315Henry KaeserJerry Baker Juniors59
4319Carson HedrickMonarch Racing35
5323Aidan McClinton29
6308Michael DahlinCenter Cycles24
7301Hyun LeeBroadmark24
8328Jason CorbridgeLiquid Velo19
9316Peter SnoblinMonarch Racing15
10334John BowieLiquid Velo14
Cat 1/2/3 Women
1107Annette WilliamsCenter Cycles59
2113Kelly DahlinJerry Baker Juniors56
3104Amara EdwardsGregg's55
4115Kira LewisCenter Cycles38
5101Brynn WardSingle Malt Velo30
6118Lisa Eriksson24
7215Judah SencenbaughSCAD15
8108Diane ZaidaVelobody/Gerks11
9217Becca Kawaoka6
10116Emily AlexanderLiquid Velo3
Cat 4 Men
1401Karl PraitisJerry Baker Juniors122
2449Chris CulbertRapha96
3452Chris ShoneApex Racing73
4407Itai Malakoff`Jerry Baker Juniors66
5450Theo FloorAudi65
6429Chris WilsonFount Cycling Guild61
7426David MullenTacoma Bike53
8411James Campbell-HarrisMonarch Racing53
9412Gene WainwrightDyna50
10416Joel LentzApex Racing42
Cat 4 Women
1212Margaux McBirneyLiquid Velo15
Open A
114Ludo MaxHagens Berman44
216Andrew PryhuberLiquid Velo21
3322Cal Spranger17
4315Henry KaeserJerry Baker Juniors15
5321Will HarrisonApex Racing14
617Rian RustvoldHagens Berman14
7123Tela CraneBroadmark8
8311Ben RaknesJerry Baker Juniors8
9319Carson HedrickMonarch Racing5
1020Pekka Jaske28
Open B
1319Carson HedrickMonarch Racing21
2322Cal Spranger19
3306Kevin Stone ObrienEgencia17
413Eric Johnson11
531Billy Rudnick8
6453Aaron JonesApex Racing7
7309Josh GerakEgencia6
818Scott Vinson3
9446Angel LeanoEgencia1
Junior C
1413Joe SprangerJerry Baker Juniors150
2408JC PileJerry Baker Juniors120
3432Ben JuracichLiquid Velo88
4430Will FowlerJerry Baker Juniors49
5203Lucy GilchristJerry Baker Juniors51
6459Luca LaverdeJerry Baker Juniors27
7206Leah HulslanderJerry Baker Juniors15
8442Cooper BunnJerry Baker Juniors11
9207Danielle ScovilleNWCC5
10466Merrick Gallagher2
Junior D
1436Caileb PrescodJerry Baker Juniors123
2208Bella MejiaJerry Baker Juniors64
3214Keaghlan RobinsonJerry Baker Juniors57
4456Indigo ViningJerry Baker Juniors51
5448Logan LeeBroadmark45
6442Cooper BunnJerry Baker Juniors22
7209Milla MejiaJerry Baker Juniors21
8205Kenzie GuthrieJerry Baker Juniors20
9438Andrew GurthrieJerry Baker Juniors18
10206Leah HulslanderJerry Baker Juniors16