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Race Night Results

Pre/Post Season
Cat 1/2 Men
14Andrew CarlbergBroadmark60
236Thorsten AskervoldTeam California52
328Zak Kovalcik47
41Kenny WilliamsCenter Cycles47
517Brett WalkerAudi33
66Dave ChipchaseLiquid Velo23
75Chris BakerCorner 4 Racing22
82Will Kirk RobinsonSingle Malt Velo19
93Steven BleifuhsCenter Cycles15
108David RichterMetier Racing15
Cat 3 Men
1315Sam O'BrienBrihop62
2308Michael DahlinCenter Cycles41
3301Andy BakerBroadmark39
4333Carson HedrickHedrick Racing34
5326Max Schoenbrunner28
6306Mark McFadyenUPGRADED25
7307Nick MartinezBroadmark25
8332Max Haggard22
9313Rian RustvoldHagens Berman21
10319Quinlan Pfiffer18
Cat 1/2/3 Women
1105Brynn WardVelobody/Gerks56
2102Annie GustafsonVelobody/Gerks55
3113Heidi FranzRally Cycling48
4106Amara EdwardsGregg's37
5121Zero MarsFoxy Moxy26
6111Tela CraneBroadmark24
7104Jo Kiesanowski24
8122Claire Cameron20
9118Norrene Godfrey11
10132Heather NielsonTAI10
Cat 4 Men
1453Leigh ThurgoodTen Speed Hero76
2459Max HaggardUPGRADE73
3445Parker McKeanUPGRADE69
4428Cal Spranger57
5416Peter SnoblinHedrick53
6406Kevin Stone O'BrienUPGRADED37
7415Harrison MagunApex27
8409Lash MullenDyna27
9412Henry KaeserJerry Baker Juniors25
10451David BransonApex24
Cat 4 Women
1201Kelly DahlinJerry Baker Juniors50
2202Zero MarsUPGRADED36
3207Ashley MooreHagens Berman27
4206Fiona Bennitt21
5204Callah RobinsonJerry Baker Juniors20
6216Emily AlexanderLiquid Velo18
7214Nancy Dahlberg13
8215Lydia DeeseFoxy Moxy12
9205Anna Savoie8
10458Itai MalakoffJerry Baker Juniors8
Master A
125Ludo MaxHagens Berman29
22Will Kirk RobinsonSingle Malt Velo28
311Vern ColeLiquid velo18
440Pekka Jaske18
530Eric WatermanDyna17
65Chris BakerCorner 4 Racing14
714David MatthewsVelobody/Gerks11
8330Mike FadichGregg's9
9349Tom LewisDyna8
1024Daniel TomkoCenter Cycles5
Master B
1452Angel LeanoEgencia2
Junior C
1436Isaac JuracichLiquid Velo85
2431Peter GilchristJerry Baker Juniors44
3444Reid TomkoJerry Baker Juniors26
4458Itai MalakoffJerry Baker Juniors25
5201Kelly DahlinJerry Baker Juniors24
6204Callah RobinsonJerry Baker Juniors20
7412Henry KaeserJerry Baker Juniors17
8439Cooper BunnJerry Baker Juniors16
9434Will FowlerJerry Baker Juniors15
10466Vernon Lumpkin5
Junior D
1437Ben JuracichLiquid Velo82
2435JC PileJerry Baker Juniors70
3209Lucy GilchristJerry Baker Juniors40
4442Indigo ViningJerry Baker Juniors20
5212Elsa TomkoJerry Baker Juniors19
6427Joe SprangerJerry Baker Juniors11
7210Milla MejiaJerry Baker Juniors8
8441Caileb PrescodJerry Baker Juniors7
9433Cooper WardJerry Baker Juniors6
10211Belle MejiaJerry Baker Juniors6