Track racing at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome is an exhilarating Olympic sport that provides spectators and participants the opportunity to be entertained while watching the sunset on Mount Rainier within the popular Marymoor Park.  Sponsorship is an opportunity to promote your company name by engaging audiences who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.  We invite you to review our sponsorship proposal outlining the benefits of a relationship with the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome community.

 At the heart of all of our programs is a commitment to building community, teaching skills at all levels to all-ages, and encouraging positive competition that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Our Marketing Strategy

From social media plugs to billboards the JBMV will meet your company needs and get your product the attention you desire. We connect regularly with all our audiences to build community and keep them informed about schedules and upcoming events while also highlighting sponsors. We highlight social media feeds on our website promoting increased conversation and higher traffic. Our most recent youtube video saw 1,000+ hits and was broadcast on local TV to millions of viewers. Our twitter and facebook has 1,000+ followers.


The Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome is located in King County’s Marymoor Park with more than 3 million people visiting annually. The Velodrome will have 5,000+ spectators at our events over the year. We have over 400 members and expect to have 600+ different people racing at our velodrome this year. Our members range from 7-85 years old, 85% which are from 30-50 years old, 35% work in technology and make over $100,000 in household income. Contact us at to discuss the best option for your company.

Signage Opportunities

Banner Option - $600
Design and have a 3′ x 6′ Banner displayed on the infield during race nights.blankbanner
Apron Painted Logo - $2,500
Permanent logo painted on the  front straightaway apron (2 yr agreement)blankapronpaint
Race Surface Painted Logo $5,000-$10,000
Permanent logo painted directly on the velodrome race surface (2 yr agreement). $5,000 for straight sections, $10,000 for corners. LifeWiseFinishLineIMG_0939
Wind Screen - $18,000
The real workhorse of our advertising, 6’x36’ Wind screen (Billboard) facing 520 is viewed by millions passing by on the highway. Windscreen

Naming Opportunities

Special Event Individual Race - $500
Naming rights to an individual race during the Marymoor GP or Fred’s Race. This level also grants you a booth spot at either event.
Race Series Naming Rights - $1,000-$2,000
Naming rights for your choice of Juniors, Cat 4 Men/Women, Cat 3 Men, 1/2 Men, or Women 1/2/3 event. Company name on leader jerseys.IMG_2054
Keirin Series Naming Rights - $1,500
Keirin’s happen on Friday Nights once a month. Get your company logo on Keirin motorcycle, flyers, social media and advertisements.
Racing Series Naming Rights - $2,000-$10,000
Your company name on flyers, social media and advertisements! Monday – 13 events ($2,000), Wednesday – 16 events($5,000), Friday – 17 event series ($10,000).
Event Sponsorship - $12,000
Simple but highly effective – The “your company” Grand Prix.

Custom Sponsorship Levels available per request to meet your needs. Contact to get in touch with us about sponsoring the track!

Race Series Leader Jerseys
For as little as $1,000, get your company name on a leader jersey by sponsoring a race series!
Wind Screen
Your company name and logo could be here for this season! 520 drivers and spectators alike can see our massive banner.
Race Surface Logo
Paint your logo directly on to the race surface and get make it clear you are a huge part of the track! Announcers are likely to pepper your name into the race more often if riders are passing over your logo too.
Home Stretch Banner
Get a banner made up for the infield along the homestretch. The grandstands will have an excellent view of the racing and of your brand!
Front Apron Painted Logo
More prime real estate in the track, the home straight apron is where riders often warm-up and is positioned right in front of the grandstands.
Wind Screen
The 2015 Wind Screen gives you an idea of the scope of this massive space for promoting your company.
Race Surface Painted Logo
Another example of a painted logo on the race surface, the finish line is a popular place to promote a company or brand.
Race Surface Painted Logo - BMC
Another example of an on surface painted logo.
Race Surface Painted Logo - Gregg's
Another example of an on surface painted logo.

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Our Programs & Special Events

Youth Outreach - Last year we offered free community intro classes, YMCA kids classes, Boys and Girls Club classes and Pacific Science Center summer camp classes.

Youth Programs - Intro and advanced classes for youth ages 9-18 to introduce youth to a lifelong sport along with opportunities to pursue it to national and world levels.

Adult Programs - Intro and furthering education programs for adults from April through August.  Introducing all that give track racing a try to a great community, lifelong sport and providing a healthy competitive outlet.

Racing - 4 nights a week of racing action for all ages and abilities from May-September. in addition, the track hosts special events on an annual basis:

  • Elite, Masters & Juniors Regional Championships (Fred’s Race) - Riders from the PNW battle for regional championships medals and jerseys in their respective categories.

  • Marymoor Grand Prix – The keynote race in the US track racing calendar. Last year Olympic, World and National level racers came from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Colombia, with the spectator attendance numbers reaching 2,000. Last year we hosted Olympic silver medalist and multiple-time World Champion, Sarah Hammer.