Training Sessions

Our training sessions for Juniors are generally offered during the summer months. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels provided. The time is reserved so that young riders can have uninterrupted track time, and have access to rental bikes and coaching. Information and times will be released Spring 2018. Have any questions in the meantime? Email to get in touch with our Youth Director, Amara Edwards.

Beginner Training

Fridays 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

All riders of any skill level can show up - these sessions are great for younger riders fresh out of the Jerry Baker Juniors class and looking for more time on the bike. Get helpful pointers, review safety/rules, run some fun drills, all with the assistance of helpful Velodrome staff!

Cost = FREE!

Intermediate Training

Wednesdays 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Beginners ready to make the jump to more intermediate racing (considering competing in Cat 4) should consider these training sessions! No registration or cost - simply show up and get some extra time on the bike, with fun drills and instruction from Velodrome staff to help build up our young riders.

Cost = FREE!

Junior Nationals Training

Tuesday 4:30-6PM, Saturdays 4-6PM, April-August This training is specifically for juniors that plan to attend Nationals in July. Training starts in April and continues through the summer months. Training sessions will be held twice a week (Tuesdays 4:30-6, Saturdays 4-6pm). Registration is $100 per junior - scholarships available via the Jerry Baker Junior Development Fund.

Cost = $100


Jerry Baker Racing Team

The Jerry Baker Racing Team (returning from a long hibernation) is THE track racing squad in the Pacific Northwest for young riders looking to advance their racing career, compete on the national level, and have lots of fun along the way. Joining the team includes a number of awesome benefits:

  • Team Jersey and Bibs
  • Coaching at all Junior Events
  • Junior Nationals Training Access
  • Motorpacing Access
  • Rental Bikes and Take-Home Rentals Access
  • Any JBMV Equipment and Gear (tools, wheels, shoes, etc)

Joining the team costs $150 per junior and includes everything listed above, plus you get the priceless honor of being part of the Jerry Baker squad and having the Velodrome's support! 

Team members will be expected to represent our track and our values. This includes:

  • Demonstrating respect for the sport, themselves, and other racers
  • Racing with integrity
  • Giving back to the cycling community

Please note: additional junior clothing can be purchased. More information available upon inquiry.

Interested? Contact Amara today!

Monday Night Racing

Monday night racing is the workhorse of our racing schedule! Mondays host Category 4 Men, Sprinters, Madison, and of course the Junior riders. This is typically where our junior riders come weekly to develop racing skills, work on their race awareness, and build speed while competing against their peers.

Weeknight racing requires registration and race fees - check out the dedicated page for Monday Night Racing to learn more.