Special Racing Event on July 4th!

This special race event gets to start nice and early on the national holiday, and we’re inviting everyone to come out and enjoy a unique racing schedule. Racing includes a Co-Ed Madison, and then four categories for the remainder of the schedule: Sprinters, Women, Cat 1/2/3 Men and Cat 4 Men.

Sign up for the race now and get ready for the fun!

WHEN: Tuesday, July 4th 1pm
WHERE: The Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome is located at King County’s Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA.
WHO: Sprinters, Women, Cat 1/2/3 Men, Cat 4 Men. Madison riders must be Cat 1-3 with prior madison experience.
WHAT TO BRING: USA Cycling or UCI License, a fixed gear bike with no brakes and an approved helmet. Novice/Cat 4 Men and Women need to have the correct gearing, rollout 22’3” (86” easily achieved by 48×15), 45+ Cat 4/5 riders with their own bikes can ride a 90” gear (50×15). Juniors need to follow their USAC-approved gear restrictions. Be prepared for varying weather condidtions with extra warm clothes. RAIN delays or cancels racing! Updates will be sent out via email to registered riders and updates will be posted to social media as well.
REGISTRATION/ENTRY FEE: Adult – $25, U23 – $15. Annual JBMV Membership are $20 ($10 for new riders). Rental Bikes are available for $10 a session (Free for juniors/women).
PRIZES: Prizes are pastries, cakes, cookies, etc. Happy Fourth!!!
SANCTION: 8023-5559
July 4th Celebration – 1pm
OpenCo-Ed Madison
Sprinters2Flying 200m Qualifiers
Women10Scratch Race
Cat 1/2/3 M12Scratch Race
Cat 4 Men9Scratch Race
Sprinters2Round Robin Ride 1
Women? + 4Elimination to Keirin
Cat 1/2/3 M? + 4Elimination to Keirin
Cat 4 Men? + 4Elimination to Keirin
Sprinters2Round Robin Ride 2
Women20Points Race
Cat 1/2/3 M30Points Race
Cat 4 Men16Points Race
Sprinters4Keirin Final
Schedule subject to change, stay up to date by following our website and social media.