The dates for our USAC Junior Development Race are May 17-18th. The schedule, registration and more details are now available.


Pre-registration is closed. Registration available on-site.

For competitors, we would appreciate everyone filling out the Racer Bio Form!


UPDATE - Session 1 will start at NOON! All other sessions will be running at the times they were scheduled.

The updated schedule is up! Please familiarize yourself with the race program for the weekend. Please note: this schedule is subject to change, in particular when it comes to potential weather delays.

Social Media

Makes sure to follow our twitter account for instant updates and information over the coming days.

Live streaming of the racing will be broadcast to our facebook fan page, our twitch channel, and our Youtube channel.




Please note - parking in Marymoor Park requires paying a $1 parking pass for the day. This can be purchased from a yellow kiosk. The nearest to the velodrome is located next to the second parking area as shown in our parking guide.

Parking is going to be challenging on Saturday. There is a giant Yoga festival all day right next door, so we can't park as close as normal. See the attached parking diagram to make sense of what I am talking about next. On Friday we might be able to park in the parking pad(#1) but most likely just the parking lot(#2). On Saturday you will be able to drop off in the parking lot(#2) but then will have to park in the triangle lot(#3). The county has also asked that we provide special velodrome parking passes. These will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This will prevent you from getting a ticket. We will have volunteers out helping people and handing out passes.

If you need host housing, please reach out to for help making arrangements.

Check out the USAC Website for more information about junior development happening across the states: USAC Website