Meet the Board

It's time to introduce the 2015 season MVA Board! Along with introducing those that will be leading us bravely into a certainly awesome future is our request for you to get involved! Several committees exist that seek member involvement in order to help shape the 2015 season. 

2014 Sponsor Thank You!

The 2014 season saw yet another great year from our local coporate sponsors. As a non-profit organization, the MVA is always looking for help to offer up quality racing and training programs throughout the year, and our sponsors were awesome enough to step up once again and make it all possible. Time to put our internet hands together and give our supporters a massive round of applause (or a cheer of course).

Masters Natz Recap

Masters Nationals came to a close this past Sunday, and it was a long week filled with great successes and awesome racing action. Many of those awesome victories went to local Washington competitors, perhaps none more exciting than Ian Mensher's super close photo finish in the 35-39 Scratch Race (pictured in this article, credit GC Racing for the photo).

Marymoor GP Wrap-Up!

The fastest weekend in the Pacific Northwest has come and gone faster than a Keirin final.  Now seems like a good time to look back at some snapshots of the action and reflect on the great accomplishments of everyone involved.  Read on for a wrap-up of the Grand Prix and to get a quick look at some of the highlights.

Junior Track Nats Re-Cap

If you have been living under a rock, you might not have heard our juniors are competing in nationals competition.  And by under a rock, I mean not following our twitter feed and haven't been out to the track in the past few weeks.  Luckily for all of us, there have been some really great results and our juniors have made the Pacific Northwest VERY proud!  Read on to get a recap of their accomplishments

OS Winery - Coming to the Velodrome!

This coming week, one of the Velodrome's newest sponsors, OS Winery, will be coming down to the track to provide delicious wines for our adult beverage garden.  We're extremely excited to be promoting one of our states most unique and fantastic lineup of wines!  In fact, the most exciting part of our partnership is the Velodrome's very first specialty wine (made just for us) the "Red Line"!  Read on for more details about this coming Friday's racing as well as more about our wine sponsor.

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