Youth Director Position - Apply now!

The Marymoor Velodrome Association is looking for a new Youth Director! The MVA Youth Director is the primary driver of youth activities at the velodrome. This includes teaching classes, running training sessions, coordinating volunteers, ensuring marketing and advertising, maintaining records, and communicating with parents, the MVA community, and the cycling community in the PNW.

Jerry Baker - Remembering and Building on a Legacy

There isn't much else we can add about Jerry Baker and the lasting impact he has had on the entire Cycling community here in the Pacific Northwest that hasn't already been said. All that knew him are quick to remember his quiet determination, his relaxed manerism, his great smile, and his incredible passion for all things cycling. Jerry was also known as an advocate for all to ride, especially young people. 

Credit to DBC Photos for the image above and many others on our website.

Marymoor GP Wrap-up!

This past weekend was full of excitement both on and off the track (thanks PNW for reverting back to your drizzly self at the worst possible time). We could talk about each race and recap all the cancellations, the drama, the shenanigans, the results... but we figure that pictures are worth thousands of words! Let's take a quick look back. 

If you're here looking for results, we've got you covered. USA Cycling has all results listed, and GC Racing also posted some additional info from day 2.

The Jerry Baker Development Grant

Riders interested in pursuing either development programs or in national/world level competitive events should know this - the MVA has grant money available for interested athletes that need some financial help to make their dreams a reality! We're especially encouraging our juniors members to take a look and apply. Any interested athletes should complete the attached document and send the completed application to

Volunteer Opportunities

Show your love by volunteering!!! As you know any great event or organization needs amazing volunteers. And this year the Marymoor Velodrome Assocation is trying to sweeten the deal! For every 4 hours that you sign up and volunteer at an approved volunteer opportunity you will get credit for a FREE regular race night (value $25-$30). To check out the upcoming volunteer opportunities please click the link and add your name and email to the available spots!

2015 Gear Restriction

Kevin Mansker, Project London - 257rpm intervals

For the 2015 season the Marymoor Board of Directors, Program Director, Race Commitee along with the support of our local officials have decided to enforce a gear restriction for all Category 4 and 5 Men and Women. This gear restriction is going to be a 48x15, roughly an 86 inch gear, and more specifically a roll out of 22'3". Before you jump up and down in excitement I would like to fill you in on the reasons we made this decision.

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