Volunteer Opportunities

Show your love by volunteering!!! As you know any great event or organization needs amazing volunteers. And this year the Marymoor Velodrome Assocation is trying to sweeten the deal! For every 4 hours that you sign up and volunteer at an approved volunteer opportunity you will get credit for a FREE regular race night (value $25-$30). To check out the upcoming volunteer opportunities please click the link and add your name and email to the available spots!

MGP, 3 weeks away!

The Marymoor Grand Prix is the fastest race on two wheels every summer, and it's only 3 weeks away! Whether you're a spectator or an athlete gearing up for competition, we thought it would be wise to run through all you can expect from the action-packed weekend of racing. And our thanks to RideITLikeUstoleIT!!! for their excellent promotional MGP video! Go check out his other fantastic videos over on Vimeo.

The MVA Development Grant

Riders interested in pursuing either development programs or in national/world level competitive events should know this - the MVA has grant money available for interested athletes that need some financial help to make their dreams a reality! We're especially encouraging our juniors members to take a look and apply. Any interested athletes should complete the attached document and send the completed application to treasurer@velodrome.org.

The MVA Guide to Spectating Friday Night

It's nearly SUMMER!! With the USGA US Open in town, the Mariners playing below average baseball, and the Seahawks' mini camp wrapping up, there is certainly lots to see in the Pacific Northwest. So what's so great about coming to the track on a Friday night? Why should you spend $5 on admission? Besides the fastest racing around? Well... let's take a look!

MGP Registration Live!

Hey MVA people! It's time for talking about the fastest, biggest, most awesomist of awesome track events in the great PNW... the Marymoor Grand Prix! UCI Racing, big prize purse, awesome crowds, exciting racing, it's almost upon us. Summer around here means it's track season, and track season means everyone is putting Redmond, WA on their race calendars and making sure they don't miss the Grand Prix. Registration is open and you need to register now, before spots fill.

Registration Link 

Beverage Garden Sponsors Galore!!

Dear Marymoor Velodrome,
All this talk about racing and starting the season has got me slightly parched. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like a good track race, but I must say the days can often carry on well into the evening, and I'm a fan who just needs a BIT more incentive to come out to the track sometimes. If only the track could offer me, a loyal fan who is definitely not the Web Admin writing in a strange disembodied first-person voice, some adult refreshments to wet my whistle.
Well thirsty "fan", let's see if we can satisfy your craving. 

2015 Gear Restriction

Kevin Mansker, Project London - 257rpm intervals

For the 2015 season the Marymoor Board of Directors, Program Director, Race Commitee along with the support of our local officials have decided to enforce a gear restriction for all Category 4 and 5 Men and Women. This gear restriction is going to be a 48x15, roughly an 86 inch gear, and more specifically a roll out of 22'3". Before you jump up and down in excitement I would like to fill you in on the reasons we made this decision.

2015 Marymoor GP is UCI!

For the 10th edition of the Marymoor Grand Prix we have decided to go BIG - say hello to the UCI. We are going to run a Men's and Women's Omnium, Keirin and Sprint Tournament as UCI Class 3. With the Olympics coming up quickly we should have a huge international attendance with the precious UCI points on the line.

Supplementary USAC Men's, Women's, and Masters races will be included as well. And don't forgot the original "Longest Lap" - The Marymoor Crawl will be run both of the night sessions.

More details will be announced soon, but until then SAVE THE DATE - July 24th & 25th!

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