2021 Season Pass + Membership

Purchasing your 2021 Season Pass will upgrade your account so that you no longer will pay for online registration! Any Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday event – you’re covered.

In addition, if you purchase a Season Pass and haven’t yet bought your membership, we’re lumping them together in this purchase. Get it all in one go!!

Please note: season passes do not apply to Grand Prix or Fred’s Race Reg.


Looking for a place to keep your bike all season? Don’t forget to purchase a bike container spot! Limited spaces available, grab one now.


Return/Refund Policy: If for any reason you are unable to make full use of your Season Pass during the current racing season and would like to apply part of your purchase to future racing or receive a partial refund, we can work with you to return a percentage of the original cost. That percentage will be based on the remaining number of weeks in the current season. For example, refunds requested in July would be eligible for roughly 50% of the original purchase price.


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