Director – Amara Edwards

Amara Edwards is Program Director for the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome. She is everywhere at once, which is pretty freaking impressive. Email her at

President – Andy Baker

Andy Baker is the MVA Board President for 2019-2020. The president runs meetings and makes things happen. This makes him very important. Email him at

Vice-President – Matt Haldeman

Alex Seigel will be serving as a Vice President for 2019-2010. Email him at

Secretary – Kelly Dahlin

Kelly Dahlin serves as the MVA Secretary and Development Committee Chair for 2019-2020. She takes the best notes of them all, and is helping improve racing for everyone next year! Email her at

Treasurer – Anna Fowler

Anna Fowler is working as the MVA Treasurer for 2019-2020 season. Anna is bringing her expertise in accounting to our humble organization. Email her at

Board Member – James Campbell-Harris

James Campbell-Harris will serve as a board member and marketing chair for 2019-2020. Email him at

Member – Andrew Carlberg

Andrew Carlberg is serving as a Board Member and Race Committee Chair for 2019-2020. Email him at

Website – Cory Edwards

Cory Edwards has been the web admin and website designer/writer/maintenance guy since 2013, as well as running the live stream beginning in 2019. Email him at