Registration Information

The Race Reg Portal lists all races for the current year and links you up to your online registration table. Read below for the full list of all race events scheduled for the current year. Dates without a link are not yet open. As we go through the season, more preregistrations will become available.

In order to compete, we’ll need your Race Waivers on file – luckily, there’s a handy page where you can go to download form fillable versions of all the waivers for the season!

The Calendar can be a useful page to browse to see all upcoming events – check it out!

Don’t forget you can also pick-up your Membership or a Season Pass online too!

Friday Night

  • May 7th FNR (Pre-season)
  • May 14th FNR (Pre-season)
  • May 21st FNR (Pre-season)
  • See Special Events (below) for Kickoff Registration
  • June 4th FNR
  • June 11th FNR
  • June 18th FNR
  • June 25th FNR
  • July 2nd FNR
  • July 9th FNR
  • July 16th FNR
  • July 23rd FNR
  • August 6th FNR
  • August 20th FNR
  • August 27th FNR
  • September 3rd FNR
  • September 10th FNR (Post-season)

Wednesday Night

Monday Night

Saturday Time Trials

  • May 8th TT
  • July 10th TT
  • September 4th TT
  • September 25th TT

Sunday Afternoon

  • June 13th Sunday Racing
  • June 27th Sunday Racing – Cancelled
  • July 4th Sunday Racing
  • August 29th Sunday Racing

Sunday Beginners

  • June 13th Sunday Beginners
  • June 27th Sunday Beginners – Cancelled
  • August 29th Sunday Beginners

Special Events

  • May 28/29th Kick-off Event
  • June 30-31 Carnival (In replacement of Vision GP this year)
  • August 13-15 Fred’s Race

Membership/Season Pass