Private Track Rentals allow groups to setup reserved training, classes, private events, photoshoots, and e-pacing sessions. If you’re looking to have the track to just you and your group, then this page is for you!

Sessions are available at a set rate of $100 per hour. Sessions cannot exceed 2 hours.

Riders reserving private sessions may use the e-bike for pacing purposes. If you would like to use the e-bike for pacing purposes, please contact the race director ahead of time with your request.

All private sessions must be scheduled at least 48 hours (two full days) in advance with the Program Director. Please note: popular open track times or already scheduled events cannot be reserved. In addition to this restriction, we are unable to reserve back-to-back private sessions.

The Program Director has final say in regards to all requests and reservations for private sessions.

Please send all inquiries to Amara at