Private Track Rentals allow groups to setup reserved training, classes, private events, photoshoots, and e-pacing sessions. If you’re looking to have the track to just you and your group, then this page is for you!


If you plan to offer E-pacing during your session, check out our e-pacing page for more about the service and rules pertaining to it. Consider attending Open Sessions and purchasing an Unlimited Pass for the season!

Sessions are available at a set rate of $100 per hour. Sessions cannot exceed 2 hours.

Riders reserving private sessions may use the e-bike for pacing purposes. E-pace drivers must have prior approval (see our e-pace info page for list of rules). The e-bike can be used at no additional cost.

All private sessions must be scheduled at least 48 hours (two full days) in advance with the Program Director. Please note: popular open track times or already scheduled events cannot be reserved. In addition to this restriction, we are unable to reserve back-to-back private sessions.

The Program Director has final say in regards to all requests and reservations for private sessions.

Please send all inquiries to Amara at