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Race Night Results

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NEW: Using the JBMV livestream to review results can be done up to a week after the race. This will not change the nightly payout, but can be used to change results that effect the overall nightly standings that would impact upgrade points or season points. The evidence needs to be clear – any photo finishes would defer to the officials camera as the livestream is not on the line. To challenge any calls, communication needs to be made to Amara with what is in question and where in the video (timestamp) it happens. She will then make the connection with the officiating crew that was working the night. Officials can choose to overturn their original call and make the changes, confirm their original call, or determine that there is not enough evidence and let the call stand. To file a livestream protest riders will need to donate $20 to the development fund. If the call is overturned, the money will be credited back to the rider; if the original call is confirmed or if there is not enough evidence, the amount will be donated. NOTE: This is not a replacement for day-of protests. Riders still need to check results at the velodrome and contact the officials to protest results.

Cat 1/2 Men
124Mario SandovalFount Cycling26
215Matti HerzKeller Rohrbach12
312Andrew CarlbergCoefficient of Speed10
442Alex SiegelBroadmark9
538Emmett CulpDigital Commerce Bank9
629Galen EricksonKeller Rohrbach8
74Andy BakerBroadmark12
83John BowieLiquid Velo15
928Isaac JuracichLiquid Velo6
1020Vern ColeLiquid Velo5
Cat 3 Men
1310Matthew BradyCOS Racing24
2308Sam FrigoGene Johnson Cycling21
3309Ben JuracichLiquid Velo17
4314Peter SnoblinAratech12
5306Ben PflaumFell Swoop9
6333Will FowlerJerry Baker Juniors8
7307Brendon ConferFount Cycling7
8319Andrew LynchGene Johnson Cycling4
9312Hyun LeeBroadmark2
10313Scott GrinsellDyna2
Cat 1/2/3 Women
110Dani ScovilleJerry Baker Juniors30
422Lucy GilchristJerry Baker Juniors15
91Kelly DahlinJerry Baker Juniors20
36Kelly PleseGene Johnson Cycling18
22Annette WilliamsCenter Cycles9
85Heather NielsonCenter Cycles11
7206Alycia StaatsFount Cycling12
114Amara EdwardsGregg's 8
5240Jane BarrBreakfast Racing Team6
6208Lucy Climer-Kennedy5
Cat 4 Men
2444Merrick GallagherJerry Baker Juniors61
3418JC PileJerry Baker Juniors54
1427Tyson DanilsonGene Johnson Cycling50
6421Justin CaptisPremier Racing32
9406Mike Jors22
4413Andrew LynchGene Johnson Cycling19
5434Luke WillsonPremier Racing19
7402Colin StaatsFount Cycling12
8411James Campbell-HarrisAratech12
15442Patrick SheedyJerry Baker Juniors11
Cat 4 Women
Open A
14Andy BakerBroadmark50
215Matti HerzKeller Rohrbach39
5310Matthew BradyCOS Racing26
328Isaac JuracichLiquid Velo23
4308Sam FrigoGene Johnson Cycling19
62Kenny WilliamsCenter Cycles15
918Henry KaeserJerry Baker Juniors15
8321Tyson DanilsonGene Johnson Cycling13
724Mario SandovalFount Cycling12
1011Nolan AdamsDyna7
Master B
1322Zach JuracichLiquid Velo46
2311James Campbell-HarrisAratech36
3425Paul RaknesAudi31
416Scott Vinson29
5360Stan DouglasFlo Cycling27
619Eric WatermanDyna17
7399Gene WainwrightDyna17
820Vern ColeLiquid Velo10
9312Hyun LeeBroadmark8
10303Mike RitterDyna8
Junior C
Junior D
1109Charlotte WestoverJerry Baker Juniors70
2107Iyan GollaJerry Baker Juniors37
3102William HuangJerry Baker Juniors34
4201Milla MejiaJerry Baker Juniors27
5113Kahlen TaylorJerry Baker Juniors13
6110Luna MendozaJerry Baker Juniors12
7108Wrenna FullerJerry Baker Juniors10
8112Sarah LynchJerry Baker Juniors7
9106Cody ChengJerry Baker Juniors3
10122Molly ArmstrongJerry Baker Juniors3

Past Year Results