Clinics are designed to give racers more training in specific areas, providing focused instruction with the intent to take riders to the next level.  Often, our clinics will go in-depth with certain races or racing styles, including track-time with an instructor.

2020 Clinics

Novice/Cat 4 Welcome Back & Refresher Clinic

New track riders needing to get some reminders and helpful tips getting back into the racing? Look no further - this clinic will quickly bring you back "up to speed"!

Location: Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome

Date: April 25th

Time: Noon - 2:00 PM

Cost: FREE

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Upgrade Clinic

With a Mass Start focus, this clinic will offer some "fast-tracking" for those looking to get their upgrades. Riders need to have their USA Cycling license purchased prior to the class for upgrade purposes. Category 5 racers will earn their Category 4 upgrades, and Category 4 riders will earn 3 upgrade points towards their Category 3. Upgrades will be at the discretion of the Race Director.

Location: Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome

Dates: June 7th 4-6 PM, August 8th Noon-2 PM

Cost: $25


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Madison Clinics/Practice/Mock Racing

Learn more about the two-person, long-distance event, get some practice on the track, and run a mock race. These are always on a Sunday before an FNR Madison.

Location: Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome

Dates: TBD

Time: 4-6 PM

Cost: FREE!