Getting started at the track looks a little bit different for everyone depending on age and experience.

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Track Racing Q&A

Where is the velodrome? How do most people get there?

  • Address: 6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA 98052
    • In Marymoor Park (Redmond, WA)
  • Lots of people drive, parking is $1
  • In 2025, Light Rail will have a stop at the park. Some bus routes go to park as well.
  • Many carpool resources for the velodrome 
  • Options to store track bike at the track and ride your road bike there

What kind of bike do you need to race at the track? I heard about a rental program, can you tell me more?

  • Rental bikes provided for FREE in the classes and camps
  • Track classes will go over all the requirements
    • Fixed Gear – no free coasting
    • Drop bars no flat bars (no brakes on bars even if they are disconnected)
    • Horizontal Drop outs
    • No quick releases on wheels
  • $10 Rental Bikes available for races – FREE bike rentals for new WTFNB and junior racers.

I’m not sure if I want to race. What are my opportunities to try it out?

I want to race! What are the next steps? 

  • See the JBMV New Rider Pathway Flowchart above
  • (Novices don’t need a license right away, but it doesn’t hurt to get a USAC license)

What’s the cost / price to race?

​​​​Membership fee is just $10 dollars for 1st year as a new racer!

Can I ride on the track if I’m not sure about racing?

  • Straight answer: YES, any time there isn’t something scheduled.
    • Calendar:
    • During the summer, many evenings have scheduled racing or classes. Check the calendar beforehand! 
    • Track bikes have priority on the track so if you bring a road bike just check with people riding on the track before jumping on!
  • Scheduled open track times(popular times for people to train – these are FREE, unmonitored times)
    • Saturday and Sunday mornings
    • Tuesday evenings

What do people wear for track races?

  • Foot retention is required – toe clips (cages), straps, cleats, etc. 
  • Helmet required
  • Most people race in kits – you don’t need a speed suit!
  • Sunglasses and/or clear lenses optional but recommended
    • Lighting may change as the race night goes on! 
  • Gloves optional but helpful for grip and in case of a fall
  • Don’t forget to bring a multitool!

What’s the track community like?

  • Deeply connected community due to race night format (three races with rest in-between)
  • 3 to 4 race groups
  • sitting between races is a great time to debrief races
  • Lots of support from all skill levels 
  • Lots of juniors – intergenerational dynamic
  • No team tactics in racing (no blocking, lead outs, etc) – this is explained in the class and beginner/novice racing.

What is the format of a track race? How is the winner determined?

  • Track Racing is made even exciting thanks to the wide variety of fun racing formats
    • The Race Book has descriptions for all the races
    • Scatch race – first person to cross the line wins
    • Points race –  certain laps you race to get points
    • Elimination race – the last person to cross the lap is out
    • Lots of chances to know race formats
  • People with the most points at the end of an evening win their category for the night (Omnium!)
    • Not just one race determines a winner

Favorite resources

Race Book – a guide to all race formats and policies at Jerry Baker

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