Racing Starts Soon… What Night do I Race again?

Racing Starts Soon… What Night do I Race again?

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With the Pre-Season right around the corner (first race night on May 5th), you might be wondering… “What night do I race on again?”

Luckily for you, we have a story to answer this very important question. Below, I’ll quickly run-down our regular week night racing schedule and provide details on who races when.

If you need a little refresher, check out our preseason clinics!

Week Night Race Schedule

  • Friday Pre/Post-Season(Starts May 5th)Weekly Schedule includes ALL categories except for beginners and juniors. Juniors may ride in their category. Cat 1/2 Men, Cat 3 Men, Cat 4 Men, Cat 1/2/3/4 Women.
  • Monday(Starts June 5th) – Weekly Schedule includes Cat 4 Men, all Junior competitors, and open Sprints, Madisons and Time Trials. Open means there is no category requirement to sign-up – All categories are welcome to compete. Note: the purpose of the Madison is to provide a training and learning opportunity for this race.
  • Wednesday(Starts June 7th) – Weekly schedules include Masters A (35+ Cat 1/2/3), Masters B (50+ 1/2/3, 35+ Cat 4), Masters C (55+) Cat 4 Men, and Cat 4 Women.
  • Thursday(Starts May 11th) – Weekly schedules include all beginners to the track that have completed an Adult Track Class, including Cat 5 Men and Women. Schedules are flexible in order to meet the needs of the participants on a weekly basis.
  • Friday(Starts June 2nd) – Weekly schedules include Cat 1/2 Men, Cat 1/2/3 Women, and Cat 3 Men.

Want more Info? 

Check out this year’s Race Book for more information about the season!

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