Motor Pacing is available at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome, but requires a few steps to make happen. Check below to see what needs to happen:

  1. All individuals that intend on motor pacing must be in good standing with the JBMV and be an active member. Riders must also have an active USACycling license.
  2. Coordinate a date/time(s) with the Program Director. Listed open track times will not be available. Depending on the date/time, it may include a track reservation fee.
  3. A USACycling event permit must be pulled for the decided upon date(s). ($50 per day) This process needs to happen at least a week in advance, 8 weeks in advance to avoid late fees.
  4. In addition to the permit, Non-Hired Motorcycle insurance needs to be added. ($85 per bike, per day)
  5. Drivers need to have a Motor Vehicle Report(MVR) approved and filed online with USACycling.
  6. At the event, all riders need to fill out a USACycling event waiver.
  7. The group is responsible for post-event forms along with per rider insurance fees