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Laughter or Comedy Films Improve Health & Normalizes Pressure


Laugh - it's good! American scientists have found that joyous laughter reduces stress, boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure. The beneficial effects of laughter on the human body is equivalent to the benefits of moderate exercise.

Participants in the study for twenty minutes looked cuts dramatic war films, comedies and films of neutral content. After the session, the volunteers took a blood sample. It turned out that the members of the group that watched comedy, decreased levels of cortisol, increased the number of cells of the immune system and lower blood pressure.

Athletes needed for study



I'm a 4th year psychology student studying at the university of the sunshine coast in Australia. We're looking for athletes to participate in our study regarding athlete performance.

Sports being considered are track and field athletics, swimming (pool), and velodrome cycling. You would be asked to complete an online survey along with providing your competition results from the last year.

Follow the link below if you are interested in participating (the link also contains more detailed information):-

corruption in the board


It has come to my attention that a special session has been called that went against the boards own bylaws. at this session a vote was taken to vote out Annette Williams. It is clear that this was a power play because Guy, Lane and Matti had a clear agenda to remove Annette before their terms are up. I believe that a good balance in any type of governing body is important for the decisions they make for the many members of the mva. If the views of a few are all that are heard then it only benefits the few. It is obvious to me that the board is in dire need of competent leadership.


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