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I need a ride to Thursday races, today 7/10?


I posted in the Rideshare forum, nobody is seeing it so I'm posting here as well.

THUR's - Seattle -> Marymoor? (need a ride)

Hey everyone,
Does anyone have an extra seat that is attending Thursday night races?
I could meet in Seattle, and am willing to pay for gas, etc.

I live in Tacoma, but I could catch a bus up to Seattle in the early afternoon in order to meet up there.

Its becoming extremely difficult for me to get up to the track,
and I don't currently drive.


Volunteers Needed: Registration System


Hey all!

With the season approaching quickly (1 month!), we are trying to sort out our registration system.  We have a general idea and framework but we need people with a few more qualifications.  We are looking for people with a background in SQL and web development.  The hopes are that this would take a few hours of your time and we would be good to go!  If you are qualified and interested please respond or send me an email (  Thanks!



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