Two and a half weeks until RACING!

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Racer #Z wakes up early. They step out of bed at 4:45AM and onto their Kreitler rollers. Pedal revolutions become hypnotic and soon, after two hours of 120 RPM, Racer #Z dismounts their bicycle. Fast pedaling will pay and Racer #Z makes their daily deposit.

Breakfast is small: a dozen eggs, three grapefruit, and a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread slathered with a jar of peanut butter. All mixed together in a blender with four scoops (gallon size bucket scoops) of chocolate protein powder. Racer #Z does not drink coffee. Racer #Z chews coffee beans and washes them down with twelve gallons of water. Racer #Z then sits at their kitchen table, which is a leg press machine with a TV dinner tray attached. They begin to do leg presses while calculating optimal gear ratios on their table. Racer #Z starts small: 600 pounds on the leg press and a 55×11 gear ratio for warm up.

Racer #Z takes the afternoon easy. They spend a couple of hours doing seated uphill climbing on their road bike. They climb only for that amount of time because the teeth on the big chainring can only take so much abuse. After the chainring warps and the cassette disintegrates underneath Racer #Z’s powerful legs, they turn for home. Without a chainring or cassette, Racer #Z begins their second cadence workout for the day. At 300 RPM, the wind created by the cranks propels Racer #Z along.

Evening means track time. John Hanson made the necessary modifications to Racer #Z’s bike. This custom bicycle is the only thing that can withstand the torque produced by this racer. Racer #Z flows through the banking, power from the legs being absorbed by the bike and transferred through the tires onto the pavement, leaving black burn marks up and down the banking. Racer #Z’s energy surges through the track and up the banking into the rails. This explains the bends in the railing- another victim of the power of Racer #Z.

They leave the track not hungry, as you might imagine, but fueled by Seattle Biscuit Company. Two biscuits replenish Racer #Z. Two biscuits slathered in eggs, bacon, and ham. Topped with peanut butter and an apple and served with a side of sausage gravy. A combination of Seattle Biscuit Companies finest items combined into one meal for Racer #Z.

Racer #Z goes to bed calm. They spend several hours watching YouTube videos of keirins, sprints, and team pursuits. Immediately before bed, Racer #Z changes their gear on their track bike. Off goes the workout gear, and on goes the warm up. A 140” combination should work nicely for tomorrow.  Racer #Z switches on their alarm, and at 4:45 the next morning their sleep is interrupted by the radio on their bedside shouting “oh my mercy! That might be too close to call!” They awake with a smile on their face.

Racer #Z is ready for the 2013 season. Are you?

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