Meet the Board

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It’s time to introduce the 2015 season MVA Board! Along with introducing those that will be leading us bravely into a certainly awesome future is our request for you to get involved! Several committees exist that seek member involvement in order to help shape the 2015 season. 

I apologize to any Bush supporters (I’m really not into choosing a side ya know!), I just really enjoyed this one. 

2015 Board Members

President –Kristian Miller,

Vice Pres – Andrew Carlberg,

Secretary – Gordy Morris,

Treasurer – Kathryn Beattie,

General Board Members – Matti Herz, Ted Scott, Ruth Gustafson

Finance Committee – Kathryn, Kristian, (Amara),

Race Committee – Ted, Andrew, Matti, (Amara),

Development of Riders – Ted, Ruth, Matti (Amara),

Development of Funds – Gordy (Amara),

As always, feel free to bug Amara (MVA director) at her email –

Joining a Committee

Still interested in being involved?!? The “Race Committee”, the “Development of Riders” group and the “Development of Funds” group are seeking current members that are interested in providing feedback and participating in shaping the future of the Marymoor Velodrome! Contact the above email addresses or just send one to me at and I can route you to the right place.

Get involved and let us know if you have any questions! Stay tuned for new Board member bios and information coming in the following weeks.

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