Open Position – Race Managers 2019

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2019 Race Night Manager Job Description

Want to spend one of your weeknights at the velodrome for the whole season?

We are looking for 4 responsible, reliable and enthusiastic individuals to become contracted Race Night Managers. You can apply for the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Night positions. Each night has its own quirks but what is listed below is the general position:

Responsibilities include:

  • Set Up/Takedown of building, signage, officials equipment, registration area, infield facilities, stadium lights, and water coolers.
  • Checking track is clear of debris
  • Running(assisting) the registration process and balancing the till at the end of the night
  • Coordinating with volunteers, officials, EMT, VIP’s, sponsors, and park personnel as needed
  • Distribute payment to officials, EMTs, contractors and riders when necessary
  • Watch racing (enjoy the weather!)
  • Be the last one to leave

Additional Friday Night responsibilities include: cleaning and moving the beer cart, hanging up banners, collecting gate money & premes, additional setup of merchandise and Kiddie Kilo

Candidate Must:

  • Be able to be on your feet for 4-5 hours
  • Handle money with care and honesty
  • Take instructions well
  • Be flexible – be able to change tasks quickly and adapt to the demand
  • Be reliable – being on time and ready to work
  • Have great verbal communications skills
  • Be knowledgeable about racing and tactics (Thursday only)
  • Lift and move up to 80 pounds (Friday only)
  • Be responsible around alcohol (Friday only)
  • Be 21 years of age (Friday only)


Work Environment:

The work environment is fun and high energy. The majority of work is done outside, while we don’t race in the rain some setup and teardown may occur in the rain.

Please send an email to Amara Edwards ( with your qualifications and your availability for one or more of the race night manager positions. By applying for one of these positions you are taking into account that racing happens every week of the summer and that you are responsible for being there every night (or providing a suitable replacement).

Contact Amara Edwards by April 1st, decisions on the positions will be made on April 10th.

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