2017 July Meeting Minutes

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Business as usual, except for a very important visit from WSDOT including big updates about light rail expansion and it’s impact on the track (tldr; it’s not going to be a direct impact). See the full briefing in the minutes. … Read More

2017 June Meeting Minutes

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Updates on all the big races and more progress from the board with ongoing projects reported in this month’s Meeting Minutes. June 2017 JBV Meeting Minutes

The Jerry Baker Development Grant

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Riders interested in pursuing either development programs or in national/world level competitive events should know this – the MVA has grant money available for interested athletes that need some financial help to make their dreams a reality! We’re especially encouraging … Read More

2017 May Meeting Minutes

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Pre-season is underway and the list of to-do’s keeps getting longer and longer. We look for ways to improve the early part of the year while looking ahead to the summer. May 2017 JBV Meeting Minutes

2017 April Meeting Minutes

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Updates regarding sponsorship, as well as progress planning the GP, and more in this month’s meeting minutes. April 2017 JBV Board Meeting

2017 March 14th Meeting Minutes

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More about race licensing, installing the new bike stand, tons of sponsors, and tons of other updates as we get closer to summer. March 2017 JBV Board Meeting

Cascadia Cup 2019

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The Cascadia Cup Race back-to-back weekends, win big! So How Does this thing work? If you race at both the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge (AVC – 7/26-28) and the Marymoor Grand Prix (GP – 7/19-20), you can compete for additional prize … Read More

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