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Everything in the section marked "Required Racer Information" can be considered optional for non-racers.

Welcome to Velodrome.org and thank you for registering. If you race at the Velodrome, your account must have at minimum your

  • Track category
  • Race age
  • USAC License Number
Without these items your account will not be eligible for online registration.

If you're a parent signing up a junior, make sure the fields below are descriptive of the junior rider. You can enter a parent email for the account if that's preferred.

Don't worry, you can always update your account information at a later time! For those without a License number currently (Beginners in particular), you should type your First and Last name as they would appear on registration instead.

Required Racer Information

The year your were born (we don't need birthdate!)

If you do not yet have a USAC License, type your First and Last name instead.

Please select the option that best matches your current track category. New riders that have finished a track class should select "Novice" unless told otherwise.

Please select the gender that you primarily identify as. This is used to help the Velodrome with athlete data as well as to predict membership needs and services. You may leave this field "blank" if you would prefer not selecting.

If you would like to specify, please choose the pronouns that you prefer.

Announcer data - just for fun!

Announcer data - just for fun!

If we have your socials, we could tag you when we post pictures!