As a participant in an MVA event, I agree to adhere to the Rider Code of Conduct. As such, I shall conduct myself in an appropriate manner befitting the close community and the family-oriented atmosphere found at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome.
   Rules include, but are not limited to:
   1.    Riders will follow venue (see parking rules) and event rules as defined by King County Parks, USA Cycling, SafeSport, ATRA, MVA and the Program Director.
   2.    Riders will listen to and promptly follow official’s instructions and treat them with respect. Any disagreements regarding official calls should be protested/appealed per USA Cycling regulations.
   3.    Riders will refrain from dangerous riding, unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to cursing/swearing, verbal altercations, and fighting.   

Any violation of this code may result in suspension of racing privileges for the remainder of the event and possibly for future MVA events. The rider may also be asked to leave the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome immediately.  

I also agree that photo or video images taken of me may be used in MVA marketing and promotional materials.