Bowling and Cycling? What?

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Sheer focus, determination, elegance and power, these factors are ones that propel a competitive athlete forward- Pushing past their limits and striking through their goals, leaving a row of X marks across the challenges that they’ve conquered.

Shiny shoes, cheering and jeering from the crowd, and an electric atmosphere are just some of the reasons that you return week after week. Bright lights, pulsing music, and lanes and lanes of rip-roaring excitement grab you by your shoulders and throw you into the action. The sprinters lane, the pole lane, the rail lane, and the passers lane go hand-in-hand with… the bowling lane?

That’s right folks, I’m here to tell you that the pin-knocking, slippery-lane sliding, Wild Turkey aiming, awesome shoe wearing, exiting atmosphere that is TechCity Bowl is THE PLACE TO BE when not riding on the velodrome.

You might be asking yourself, “Why? How could bowling possibly assist my cycling in any way?” and for that, I offer you these simple comparisons.

  1. We like fun. Track cycling is an outlet, a place to go where we can physically exert ourselves in a competitive manner. Unfortunately, it rains in Washington.  Bowling is indoors and offers you the same physically demanding competitive outlet. Have you tried throwing a 13-pound ball with all your force over 20 times? Think of the strength that you are building for your Keirin / Madison throws and standing starts.
  2. Bike racing, especially on the velodrome, is a mathematical equation. Really! Think of all the Points Races where your overall finish comes down to the final sprint. Did you do the math right in your head? Do you have 17 points, and racer X has 15? How about spending time polishing your tactics while bowling. Bowling is scored entirely by numbers. A little known fact is that the inventor of bowling (Bo W. Ling), was actually an avid cyclist. He needed a scoring system that would help people who were racing Point-a-laps, Tempos, and Points Races keep track of everything that was going on. That is also the reason that getting a strike is ten points- because there is never a Points Race at Marymoor longer than a 10×10.
  3. Bo W. Ling saw the allure in spectator sports. At the Marymoor Velodrome, there is a beer garden on Friday nights. Here, fans can cheer, heckle, and hang out with their friends while watching exciting racing. Bowling offers the same entertainment. Head to Jimmy G’s Sports Bar at TechCity and grab a drink, some food, and sit back and relax while watching great bowling. There is a reason that ESPN shows Bowling- It’s exciting.
  4. In the Marymoor Velodrome community, there are many families who bond over bike racing. Whether the kid took a class and got the parents excited to race, or vice versa, cycling is a family-friendly adventure. When it is raining and the track is too wet to ride, bond with your children and take them bowling instead of to the movies. Insist that you put up the bumpers “for your kids sake”, and teach your child the art of Points Race scoring. Sorry, bowling scoring.

Bowling and cycling are two things that never seem to go hand and hand. However, we at the Marymoor Velodrome see through that scam. How are bowling and cycling related? Well, if you are looking to have fun, get in shape, be competitive, hang out with your kids, learn a thing or two about numbers, and kick back and relax with your friends, cycling is the sport for you. If you want to do all of those things AND hear the satisfying rumble of 10 pins falling down, I recommend bowling. Strikes not guaranteed. Gutter balls likely.


TechCity Bowl

Kirkland, WA

Open Daily 9a-12p

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