2013 MGP Recap (and Results)


Last night, the Marymoor Grand Prix wrapped up an amazing two-night run of the fastest and most competitive racing of the entire year.  It’s hard to believe how much happened over the course of two days – many records were SHATTERED, our biscuits sold out on Friday night, and we watched as local racers made us all proud and represented the northwest admirably.  Read on to see all the highlights and to download the results.

Kevin Mansker taking the men’s Keirin Final on Friday Night in front of an audience of over 1000!


First, let’s get to the good stuff.  Please click the following links to download the full results for each category. 

And now for the omnium winners for each category, the “top dogs” of the weekend!

  • Women’s Sprint Omnium – Missy Erickson
  • Women’s Endurance Omnium – Sarah Hammer
  • Men’s Sprint Omnium – Kevin Mansker
  • Men’s Endurance Omnium – Jame Carney
  • Master’s Overall Omnium – Jim Flynn


So many great things went down this weekend that it’ll be hard to say it all in one story!  In fact there is so much to mention that if I forget something awesome that you saw, add a comment down below and I can append it to the list.

  • The records were broken real fast and furious once the Hammer got going – Sarah Hammer set the record for the 3k pursuit at a time of 3.44.36 in a Saturday night “Prime Time” event (breaks 1986 record held by Rebecca Twigg).  

  • Working together with Missy Erickson, Hammer and Erickson pick up the Team Sprint women’s record setting a time of 56.535.

  • Missy Erickson comes in and shatters a record of her own, setting the track record for the Women’s 500m with a time of 36.9.

  • Kevin Mansker, our Men’s Keirin champ highlighted in the photo above, also breaks new ground on the Men’s 200m with a new record time of 10.556.

  • Congrats to our first ever Women’s Team Pursuit on the track, completed by Jennifer Z., Korina, Rushlee and Jennifer T. and setting the record for the track at 5.08.36.

  • Our Women’s 20-lap Scratch race saw a participant field of 40 athletes (see the picture to the right) – that’s the track capacity and easily the largest women’s field in the country!  It was bigger than our men’s field – gotta love that.

  • Friday night spectator numbers reached around 1000 people.  The food sponsors were busy and the track was surrounded by eager fans.  Awesome!!

  • With so many kids wanting to participate in the kiddie kilo, we had eight different fields to get through on Friday night… the future of track cycling showed up in a big way!

  • Seattle Biscuit Company was SOOO swamped on Friday night that our fans bought them out.  They came back Saturday night with twice the stock and redeemed themselves.  Delicious, delicious biscuits…

  • Not only are our fans hungry, they are apparently also quite thirsty – we ran out of Mac & Jack’s delicious beer on Friday evening.  Such an enthusiastic crowd we had indeed.










Sarah Hammer getting some crowd love after breaking the 3k Pursuit Track Record Saturday Night. Thanks Motofish Images!

Special Thanks

The Marymoor Velodrome Association would like to thank several people for their help in making this event possible.  Thank you to our Sponsors for all their support throughout the weekend, in particular to Wheelsinfocus.com, DBCphoto.com, and RideITLikeUstoleIT!!! for providing media coverage all weekend long.  Thanks to our race officials for keeping racing fast and safe, and thanks to our on-site EMT for being ready to respond.  Thanks to our spectators, ESPECIALLY those who stepped up and supported racers with some preme money – we can’t make racing happen without you guys!  Thanks to our amazing group of volunteers for running registration, manning the merchandise booth, and making sure we are all taken care of.  Thanks to Bilko Stephens for being the voice of the Velodrome and to GCracing for operating the finish line camera.  

And of course, a huge thanks to Dave Mann for once again hosting and organizing this amazing event.  The MVA speaks on behalf of the entire cycling community in extending their gratitude for all he has done for the Pacific Northwest racing scene.  Thanks again Dave!

Add your own thank you, great memories, or addendum in a comment below.

See you all again for the MGP 2014, same time, same place!  

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