Youth Classes starting Soon!

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It’s that time of year.  Time for young people all across the country to spend the majority of their time at home.  Time for no projects, no writing, no math.  Just quality family time with the young ones and a whole summer just brimming with potential.  The day care system known as public education is taking a day off, and you finally get to spend all day with your child, shaping them into future citizens and productive members of society.

If the prospect of so much “quality time” scares you as much as it scares us, maybe a track class at the velodrome is what you’re looking for!  We’ll be sure to tire them out, get them nice and sweaty, take their mind off of video games and not cleaning their room, and make something awesome out of all that potential energy!

The velodrome is proud to offer quality classes on the track focused on developing young riders.  Our courses are designed for everyone from ages 9 and up.  The Nutcase Kiddie Kilo is open to even younger participants (anyone with a push bike, training wheels, you name it!).  The velodrome is a great place to introduce young riders to the excitement of racing.  If their interest is piqued, then we offer Monday night junior racing as well as other excellent events to help develop future champions. 

The first class is right around the corner.  Our Jennie Reed Juniors get started as early as June 2nd, so don’t wait to head to the website and get registered! (You will need an active account to register, as well as a paypal account if you wish to complete it online).

  • Try the Track: Ages 9-16.
    • A 1.5-hour introductory class to try out track bikes and riding on the track.
    • Not sure if your child will like a three week class, or does not have the time to attend every session? This is a great way to feel out the interest.
    • Bring your helmet and give it a try!
  • Jennie Reed Juniors: Ages 9-16.
    • These three-week, six class sessions will teach riders basic track riding and racing skills.
    • We’ll get the kids riding on the track on day one, and by the last day of class they’ll have learned and raced in several different types of races!
    • After finishing class, Jennie Reed Juniors are eligible to compete at Monday Night racing!
  • End of Summer Camp
    • Weeklong camps for graduates of Velokids, providing another opportunity for juniors to get on the track and practice their skills.
    • The class is more of an advanced class, focusing on racing tactics and ways to get faster.
  • The Nutcase Kiddie Kilo – Ages push bike(3?)-12
    • No cost (registration is on site, not online) but awesome for young riders looking to jump on the track.  As long as they got a little bike, push bikes included, they are welcome to try it out.
    • Hosted during Friday Night Racing, so make it a night for the whole family to come out and enjoy the action.  Photo and video opportunities are endless.
    • 1st and 3rd Friday of every month in the regular season..

Don’t hesitate to e-mail with any questions about our classes on offer.

We look forward to seeing more juniors at the track in 2014! For more information, visit:

To go straight to registration:

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