2016 Adult and Youth Classes!

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The 2016 Class Schedule is up and ready to peruse on the website! As always, online registration opens in March, but until then feel free to mark your calendar with your preferred dates and get everything ready for an awesome season of Racing in 2016.

Youth Classes

Adult Classes

Kiddie Kilo

The Kiddie Kilo is open to anyone that can ride a bicycle, tricycle, a scoot bike… anything goes!  Young children as little as 3 and 4 have participated in this fun ride around the track.  Parents simply need to register their kids before Friday Night Racing begins and make sure they have a helmet before hoping on for their quick ride on the track of champs.  Held on the first and third Friday of every month, the Kiddie Kilo is a great way to introduce the track to children of all ages.  Friday Night racing starts at 7:00 PM, the kiddie kilo usually starts around 7:30 PM, and not even in the worst case does the event run past 8:00 PM.

Kiddie Kilo: 1st and 3rd Friday of every month in the regular season

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