2016 MotoPacing Rules

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The MVA acknowledges and understands the importance of motorpacing in an elite training program so our goal is to facilitate those needs to the best of our ability. Motorpacing is permitted on Sunday and Tuesdays this year, all motorpacing must be on those days. Please read the below guidelines and email the Program Director, Amara Edwards with any questions.


  • Must be approved by the MVA and USAC
  • Contact the Program Director 3 days prior of session to coordinate track reservation and any additional paperwork necessary.
  • Collect USAC waivers the day-of and turn them in.
  • NOTE: It is up to the driver to request USAC’s additional motorcycle insurance from the Program Director, this will cost extra funds (which the MVA will cover) and could take longer to process.

APPROVED DRIVERS (updated 5/21)

  • Jennie Reed
  • Kenny Williams
  • Thomas Gentry


  • Contact approved drivers to coordinate date and time, drivers have the right to decline driving for anyone.
  • Contact Program Director to ensure all necessary reservations are made

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