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With the incredible generosity of our community, we didn’t just meet our $10,000 we blew right past it with over $11,200 in gifts! (and that’s before any corporate matching **friendly reminder to anyone who’s employer matches**).

In the unknown distance race that is the 2021 season, your support means that when the bell rings we will be ready to capitalize. We think the upcoming season is going to be an incredible opportunity to bring more people onto the track for racing. Thanks to you we’ll be able to give our rental fleet the much needed updates (as soon as we can all buy bike parts again), ensuring we can handle what we hope will be an influx of new riders to the track.

Your incredible support will allow us to get everything on our live-streaming wish list: including higher quality cameras, GoPros for on-bike video, and multiple angles. We know this investment is going to make a huge difference in the our ability to translate this excitement of the track to everyone at home.

Thank you for being part of our community. We are looking forward to kicking off 2021 with our annual members meeting on January 23rd at 3:00 PM.

Read below for the original End of Year Ask message.

Track will Return in 2021!

While we can’t promise racing will be 100% normal, we can promise that we are doing everything we can to bring more opportunities and improve your experience at the velodrome. 

Because of your overwhelming generosity during the auction (and let’s be honest, having very limited expenses due to the lack of racing), we have been able to weather a tumultuous year. 

Every offseason we look at areas to focus on improving for the next year. And while this season took a different look than years past, our commitment to making improvements continues. For the coming year we want to bring more people onto the track and improve our live streaming experience.

However, the lack of racing and limited possibilities for additional sponsorship dollars means we don’t have the funds to make meaningful investments in the future of our track. We are asking you to step up and make an end of year gift to support the future of the track.

How you can help

We are looking to spend around $10,000 to improve two areas that are important to our community – our rental fleet to get more people to the track and our livestream to share more of the incredible story of our community racing. 

Rental Bikes

Our rental fleet of 50 bikes is in serious need of love. Right now only about 40% of the equipment is in good working order. The main problem with the bikes are the wheels; with your support we are looking to invest in higher quality (still entry level) wheels that will last longer and require less maintenance. $250 can cover a new set of wheels.

Livestream Improvements

We all love our livestream – whether its sharing your races with family from across the country or re-watching your epic flyer during the points race – the live stream has received high praise from our end of year surveys. And this year we expect our livestream to take on an even greater role because even though we will be able to do some races, we don’t expect King County to approve of spectators.

Our live stream guru and voice of the track put together a plan that would dramatically improve the quality of that stream. This plan includes: higher quality video, multiple cameras to better catch action around the track, and even on bike mounted cameras! To make this a reality we are looking at about $6,000. Every dollar you give brings us closer to this goal. $50 can pay for a camera mount, $100 can buy an outdoor signal booster for our cameras, $500 can pay for 2 GoPRO cameras and needed bike mounts.  

Help us grow into the future

When you invest in the velodrome, you are helping to grow and strengthen our community. We know that you share our vision to bring this community back stronger than ever in 2021. 

Please if you are able, consider making a gift of any amount to support the future of our track. 

P.S. Did you know, that the CARES act passed earlier this year has a provision that allows an individual to deduct $300 to charitable organizations (like the Marymoor Velodrome Association) even if you don’t itemize your taxes! 

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