How Do I Race at Burnaby Velodrome? An FAQ

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So! You missing racing the velodrome and just can’t wait till May. We have some good news for you! Just two and a half hours north of Seattle is an amazing indoor velodrome that is doing Friday Night Racing all winter long! That’s right, the Burnaby Velodrome is another great race destination our riders often visit. We have put together a little Burnaby Velodrome FAQ to help you navigate racing across the border.

Do I need an International/UCI License?
It’s a bit complicated, but most times the answer is no. With the exception of Western Track Challenge (Feb 18-20, 2022) and Provincials (Aug, 2022), a USAC Domestic License is just fine for racing at Burnaby. Make sure that you have some sort of international health insurance coverage. A one time supplemental policy is roughly 20 bucks. USAC does provide some coverage with the purchase of an international license.

How do I get into Canada?
Well in the before times, all you need was a Passport, Enhanced Drivers License, or a Nexus card.  These days you still need all that plus a little bit more (note this information is at time of writing and subject to change). First, you need to be fully vaccinated (same rules as if you raced at our track this summer).  Second you will need a negative covid test that taken within 72 hours of you arriving at the border. Be carful what test you take as only certain types are allowed. A PCR test is good for sure and pretty easy to find these days. A full list of all applicable information for entering Canada as a fully vaccinated traveler can be found online on Finally you will need to upload all your arrival, lodging, and vaccine information to the ArriveCAN app (check your App store)

Do I need to online reg?
Yep! Just like us. Online pre reg only.

Now what?
Well now you are in Canada!  Drive to the Burnaby Velodrome! You enter through and airlock and walk to the far set of stairs to enter the infield. It is totally cool to park near the door, throw all your stuff inside (past the airlock) and then park. Register for racing (note, a 20 dollar membership is required) and enjoy turning left in very tight circles!

What Category should I race?
Well, Friday Nights and BareBones are usually a bit of whatever you want. As and Bs are un-restricted while the Cs are restricted to a 86″ or 92″ if you are over 45.

Do I need to do anything special to my bike?
You don’t need to, but it might be a good idea to clean your tires off with vinegar. Especially the the last thing you did with your track bike was roll it out of the JB infield and then put it in your garage for winter.

Should I be scared of the track? Its so steep!
Nah, it’s indoors.  The minimum speed is 18mph which sounds fast until you realize the surface is super smooth and there is no wind.  Just makes sure to keep pedaling.

Any etiquette I need to be aware of?
Don’t be afraid to ignore the Volleyball “only water signs”.  Asking for help is fine, they are nice Canadians after all.  Rollers get set up all over the place.  If there is something solid-ish and vertical there will probably be rollers next to it.  Don’t be afraid to roll around just off the track to get your legs moving before you entry the track.  Make sure you look well over your shoulder into the turns before you move up on to the track.  You will want a hole that gets you to at least the blue line if not slightly higher, then drop down slightly under the blue through the first two corners to gain speed.  From there warm up at the blue!  Don’t get in the sprint lane unless you are doing efforts.

Any good place to eat post racing?
The White Spot and Hop and Vine are close, open late, and will provide all the calories you need before running back across the border. (edited)

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