Officials Clinic

Part of what makes our racing scene so great in the PNW is our world-class officiating! And we aren’t joking we have numerous International level officials. However, we are in desperate need of more officials. We cannot expect the 10 or so active officials to cover all the racing (road, cross, track) in the PNW. As a track community we want to come together and do our part.

The MVA is willing to cover the first year fees of becoming an official along with potential other incentives specific to the JBMV. Our amazing officiating crew is putting on an in-person clinic on the Saturday of Kickoff (May 28th) and we want at least 10 people to take that class and begin the steps to become an official. You do NOT need to be an active racer, we have found significant others or family members make perfect officials. Prior to attending this in-person clinic please take the online course listed below.

More information to be emailed to registrants, you do not have to make all the sessions.
May 28th

10-Noon Secretary Specific Class
1-3pm Track Specific Seminar
6-9pm Shadowing Saturday Night Races

This clinic is offered May 28th, 2022. Part of the clinic will happen during the 2022 Kickoff event.

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