2022 JBMV Racer Registration Open

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Racers can now register for races in May through Velodrome.org through the Race Reg Portal Page. This page will always be updated with links to race registration as they become available throughout the season. Before you jump in line for signing up, we wanted to update you on a few important updates since 2021!

Update Your Account Information

You can update your account information at the following link: Edit My Account (you will need to be logged in first).

Please confirm the following information is accurate:

  1. Race Age is now Birth Year – confirm the conversion was accurate and update as needed
  2. If you upgraded since registering last year, update your track category
  3. Preferred pronouns now available

Note: Parents of junior riders should be sure that the account on velodrome.org reflects the name, birth year, gender, etc of your junior rider! Each rider needs their own account for registering for racing. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

Membership (or Season Pass) now Required!

All racers must have an annual Membership to participate in racing at the velodrome. Membership fees have been lowered significantly – $20 will get you in the door and ready to race for 2022.

You can get your membership from Velodrome.org now!

Note: If you expect you will be racing multiple times a week throughout the summer (or just making every single Friday Night!), consider getting a Season Pass! Purchase it through Velodrome.org and you can register for all races free of charge. Season passes purchases will close sometime in May – act now!

Reminders about Race Registration Process

Adding a race to your cart is only the first step to registering – be sure to complete your order all the way through checkout. You can confirm you have signed up for an event using three methods:

  1. You will receive an email from velodrome.org with an order summary
  2. You can check all races you have registered for at velodrome.org/my-registered-races
  3. You can also see all registered racers for a race event at velodrome.org/race-start-lists\

As always, all of these links can easily be found from:

  1. Your account dashboard
  2. The Racing->Racer Reg Portal tab of the velodrome.org main navigation menu
  3. The navigation sidebar while accessing any of the racing registration pages

Account Status

Race Registration Deadlines

Racers can register for race events through velodrome.org up until noon on the same day as the race event. Race lists will be generated based on registrations at that time.

On-site registration will incur a $5 fee in addition to the regular registration fee. On-site registration opens 90 minutes before racing and closes 30 minutes before. Most racing starts at 7:00 PM, so the registration window is roughly 5:30-6:30. 

Unregister from Race Nights

Racers may remove themself from a race night by heading to “My Registered Races” or “Race Start Lists” and using the drop-down at the bottom of the page. Unregistering does a two important things:

  1. It notifies us you won’t be attending, so we won’t be looking for you! (Season pass owners… please use this!)
  2. It credits you a Race Credit on your account, allowing you to register for another race (no need to contact us)

Unregistering shares a similar deadline with registering – you can do so up until the night before a race event. If you wish to remove yourself from a race day-of, please email amara@velodrome.org, ask nicely, apologize, and you can still receive your race credit.

Still Reading? Time to REGISTER! 

Thank you for sticking with us. Time to head to velodrome.org, to setup your account, get your membership, and register for some racing!

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